The club has various organised training sessions throughout the year. These are detailed in the sub-menus.
In addition, a series of time trials is organised as part of the club championship.

4 Responses to Training

  1. Avatar nicky roxburgh
    nicky roxburgh says:

    Hi there,

    what nights of the week does your club run training sessions and what do they involve. I just did my first triathlon in London yesterday and loved it.

    • Avatar Steve White
      Steve White says:

      Mouse over the Training option in the menu and you’ll see the venues/times for Swim/Cycle/Run training.

  2. Afternoon. Is it ok just to turn up for the running session on Monday in Troon?

    • Avatar Steve White
      Steve White says:

      Yes. If you’re interested in the swim afterwards, your first session is free, after which you’d be expected to join the club if you stick with it.