Club History

Although Ayrodynamic Triathlon Club was officially formed in 1989, its roots can be traced back to 1985 when Ayr Turtles, a long distance swim club organised the first Ayr Triathlon. Among them was a certain Lester Haining who would later become one of the driving forces behind Ayrodynamic in its early years. The first race was held in October, with a half mile swim, in the sea, without wetsuits! (they were tough back then). Thereafter, a 27 mile bike leg circuit took the competitors around the Pennyglen circuit before a 5 mile run out towards Longhill Avenue. The race winner was none other than Graeme Obree who would go on to break the World one hour bike record 8 years later.
The triathlon continued for the next few years, including a swim in the harbour when the sea was too rough. In early 1989 ahead of the race that year, two students living in Ayr at the time called a meeting to discuss the formation of a triathlon club. This was held in the Wallace Tower and attracted 17 people. Ayrodynamic Triathlon Club was born. By the time the triathlon arrived in June, the two students had departed the scene, leaving the club in the capable hands of Bob Dickie, Alan and Lesley Gough, Eva Campbell, and of course Lester and Joyce Haining. One of their first jobs was to try and offload the surplus t-shirts from the race to try and raise some club funds. Nowadays, Bob is enjoying his retirement in Lanzarote. Alan, Lesley and Eva are no longer involved in the sport, however Lester and Joyce have been ever present for the past 25+ years.
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