Club Time Trials

Results of club time trials will be posted on our website and also on our Facebook page. Reminders will be posted on the Facebook page.

The rule book covering the Club Champs and Points Champs competitions for 2017 is also posted here for reference.  [2017 Club Champs Rule Book – PDF]

Please check out the following for more information:

Time Trial Schedule 2017


Ayrodynamic Triathlon Club invest heavily in the development of all our athletes. The main objectives from our time trial schedule will lift performance to achieve personal goals and realistic values faced under race conditions.



Run Time Trials all take place on a Monday and assemble at Troon pool for a 1900/1915 sign in for the time keepers to handicap the runners.

An approximate 1.5km jog to the start at Troon promenade for a 1930 start. All runners are set off in 15 second intervals with slowest to fastest.

  • 9 January
  • 26 February – Propose to drop this and encourage members to race the ‘Hillbilly’?
  • 10 April (Easter school holidays)
  • 29 May
  • 7 August (Summer school holidays)
  • 6 November – NB This TT commences the 2018 points

The following road races have been added to the club championships in order to promote and encourage our members to engage with single sport athletes and to raise the bar thereafter for multisport events. This also helps further raise our profile in the running community.

‘Hillbilly’ 10km Off Road Race – Date 26 February 2017 TBC

Rons Runners 5km Road Race (incorporating the Ayrshire Championships) 19 April 2017

Troon 10km Road Race 3 May 2017

Irvine AC ‘Brodies’ 5 Miles Road Race – Date 18th June 2017 TBC

Kilmaurs 5km Road Race – Date 26 July 2017 TBC

Dundonald 10km – August TBC

Ayrshire Cross Country Championships Venue and Date TBC



The Martin McMillan race is in memory of one of our founder members who passed away at a young age. This race contributes to the British Heart Foundation in Martin’s memory. Start is at the car park sited on the left approximately 800 metres off the roundabout heading towards the paper mill or just past the junction where you turn right towards parking for the pond. Teams are handicapped in pairs as a relay with each member running approximately 5km, tag and then cycling (mountain bikes please as cross bikes are frowned upon!) approximately 7 km off road/parkland/gravel track until both members complete the course. Details of location as shown below.

The 10 mile time trials start from the Loans above the junction leading to Fullarton Woods. Cyclists are asked to sign in for 1845 for a 1900 start. Handicaps are set in 30 second intervals.

The 25 mile time trial leaves from the outskirts of Ayr in the layby past the new roundabout heading toward what was formerly known as ‘Butlins’. Start time is 1000 prompt and cylists are asked to sign in for no later than 0940. Handicaps are set in 30 second intervals.

The hill climb starts from the foot of Dundonald Hill on the Loans side heading past Highgrove house to the summit and finish. Sign in is at 1845 for a 1900 start. Handicaps are set in 15 second intervals.


  • 12 March Martin McMillan Handicap TBC – Sunday
  • 26 April 10 Mile TT – Wednesday
  • 7 May 25 Mile TT – Sunday
  • 31 May 10 Mile TT – Wednesday
  • 10 August Hill Climb at Loans – Wednesday NB This may change to the week earlier if the Dundonald 10km Road Race clashes!

NB 1 Please be aware that we shall endeavour to give a much notice to cancelling the TT if inclement weather is forecast.

NB 2 The Peebles training weekend is scheduled for the last weekend in March therefore Friday 24, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March.


All of the Monday swim time trials are at Troon pool for a 1950 start. Warm up available from 1930 with 3 lanes being used each with 2 swimmers who will swim side by side over the 16 lengths. Swimmers are usually seeded by fastest off in the first waves and so on until all have completed.

The time trials for the ‘Pond’ or ‘Bookers’ will have a ‘mass’ start at 1745 with sign in at 1730. Parking is available at Bookers cash and carry with a short walk to the water. The 750 TT is one lap counter clockwise and the 1500 will be two laps also counter clockwise.

NB The open water time trials will take place on Wednesday evening so as not to interfere with the run sessions scheduled for a Tuesday evening.


  • 13 February 400 Pool TT – Monday
  • 24 April 750 Pool TT – Monday
  • 22 May 400 Pool TT – Monday
  • 21 June 750 OW TT – Wednesday
  • 9 August 1500 OW TT – Wednesday
  • 5 December 400 Pool TT – Monday NB This is included in the 2018 club championships scores

Time Keepers Rota

In order to assure that the time trials take place effectively and efficiently we require timekeepers for run and bike or lap counters for the swim.

These time trials will not take place unless our members volunteer therefore please indicate in advance those which you would be prepared to assist.